1. This track is a debut bearing my pseudonym “XRS”.



  3. Produced, Mixed, and Recorded by Christopher Overbeck at PointBlank.

    Thanks Anita Ghosh for the vocals!


  4. London Point Blank 2013

    I had an amazing week in London at a music production course at Pointblank. I send thanks to Richard Boal for being such a great tutor and Anita Ghosh for letting me record her voice. I wish only good luck for everyone who was there with me. Peace! 

    Pictures of the week are below.



  5. Bleep Purchase

    I always wanted to have vinyls of artists who belong in the electronic indie music scene and Bleep was the best way to find them. Bleep is an amazing website where you can find great music from underground to well known, and from genres such as electronic all the way to jazz.

    Vinyls (From the top left to right):

    Four Tet  Album: Rounds

    Aphex Twin  Album:  Richard D James

    Boards Of Canada  Album: Tomorrows’s Harvest

    Bonobo  Album: First Fires

    Cosmin TRG  Album: Gordian

    Aphex Twin  Album: …I Care Because You Do

    Mu-Ziq  Album: XTEP

    Four Tet  Album: There Is Love In You

    Burial  Album: Untrue

    Website: Bleep.com

    I’m also waiting for a pre-order of a new EP called Half Of Where you Live from Gold Panda.


  6. Zoo June 2013

  7. Delicious hot sandwiches at 1 in the morning, hot tea, horrid cold, pills.

  8. An amazing late night event in Moskva organised by Incubator.

    I will never forget the treasure hunt, the human wheelbarrow challenge, the lavender biscuits and the huge stack of vinyls on the bar.

    I can’t stop insisting on how stunning the decoration was!



    I will be posting in about 2-3 weeks a new track which I started working on 1 year ago. I have this bad habit of starting a ton of projects and never finishing them but fortunately I am in the mood to pull that extra mile.

    I also wanted to mention that I might be doing some collab with a good friend of mine. I just had a chat today with him and he proposed on doing some experimental field recording and also some recordings of us smashing on metal machinery in an abandoned factory. Can’t wait to go berserk!

  10. A Monday morning.